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VideoScan Module

The VideoScan module (VMD) analyzes the video stream for certain indicators of motion or change. If the changes exceed a user-defined threshold, an alert is generated.

The VMD engine automatically adjusts to lighting changes, such as the shifting sun.

The end-user does not actually view the data from the VMD engine as shown below. Instead, video processing occurs behind the scenes. Users see everything as normal video.

As alerts occur, the end-user may adjust the sensitivity of the VMD engine to increase or reduce sensitivity of the algorithms.

An auto-mask and manual-mask facility allow the user to identify known sources of activity in the video scene, to direct the attention of the VMD module elsewhere.

Reference scene. VMD engine "sees" people walking across the scene.

An extra pane of options will appear in the VideoPTZ user interface, if the unit contains the VMD module.

Extra options include:

  • VMD Engine On/Off
  • Enable/Disable AutoMask
  • Generate New Reference
  • Set Threshold
  • Define Watch Zone