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The Company is now offering the Rbox Self Contained Digital Security Center
 rbox rbox
Rbox Digital Security Center
Dimensions: 15"x13"x9" (380x330x230mm)

(If you are interested in any other Rbot product,
please contact one of our representatives).

  • Weather tight, outdoor enclosure
  • Pole Mountable
  • Rbot Brain
  • Optional Highspeed Wireless Link
  • Optional Lowspeed Cellular Link
  • 24VAC external power
  • Internal Standby Battery
  • Optional Hot-swappable external batteries
  • Optional Solar charging

If you have an interesting application for the Rbox, let us know.

Developed to provide an outdoor, operate anywhere environment for the Rbot Brain digital video security system.

Mount an Rbox with your camera, or ours, almost anywhere.

Long term operation via a 24VAC supply, or optional solar charging.

Short term operation via internal battery, or longer term operation via optional pole mountable external batteries.

Basic Digital Security Center features:

  • digital video storage
    • Up to 10 days continuous D1 video
    • Much longer using intelligent recording
  • remote/internet monitoring, control, and review
    • Connects to most industry standard Cameras
    • or purchase one of our cameras
  • advanced video and audio processing
  • alerts, images, video clips via email or cell phone
  • remote control via PC, laptop or PDA
  • optional wireless connections
    • 802.11 high speed wireless
    • Cellular data network
  • a universally secure network