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The Company is now offering the Rbot "Brain" Mini-PC directly to consumers and working with a community of developers (including open source developers) on applications such as:
rbot mini-pc
Rbot "Brain" Mini-PC
Dimensions: 7.5"x7.5"x3.5" (191x191x89mm)
*shown with optional hardware MPEG2 encoder

(If you are interested in any other Rbot product,
please contact one of our representatives).

  • compact/silent desktop computing
  • small office PBX, LAN, diskless computing
  • digital video recorders
  • multimedia entertainment hubs
  • home surveillance
  • child and long-term care monitoring

If you have an interesting application for the Rbot Brain, let us know.

Click here for a comparison of the Rbot Mini-PC and another popular small computer.

Developed to power Rbots, the "Brain" is an industrial mini-PC with a modern, high performance Intel Pentium M or Celeron M processor inside an industrial, unfinished steel case. Unlike other PCs of its size, the Brain contains a mini-PCI slot and a short PCI slot for expansion, and is able to hold a full size 3.5" hard drive.

Basic Specs:

CPU Micro-FCPGA Mobile Intel Pentium M/Celeron M CPU
up to 2 GHz+ @ 400 MHz FSB
On-die 512KB, 1024KB, or 2048KB L2 cache
Memory One 184-pin DIMM socket
Supports up to 2 GBytes DDR 266/333 SDRAM
Chipset 82855GME GMECH and 82801DB ICH4
PCI Enchanced IDE Dual UltraATA/100 bus master IDE channels
Support up to 4 ATAPI devices on 40-/44-pin IDE ports
Jumper selectable Vcc power output on 40-pin IDE1
for power cable free DiskOnModule flash disk
VGA Intel 855GME GMECH built-in Intel Extreme Graphics 2
with 266 MHz VGA core and 256-bit 3D engine
Intel Dynamic Video Memory up to 64 MB shared with system
External DB15 female connector on rear I/O panel
LAN Interface Intel 82540EM Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet interface
USB 2.0 Intel ICH4 chipset built-in Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface
with 480 Mbps of data transfer rate.
Multi-IO Support 2 x COM port, 1 x parallel, 2 x USB 2.0,
1 x PS/2 keyboard and mouse port.
Audio Intel ICH4 with onboard ACL650 AC97 3D audio codec
5.1 channel, line-in, line-out, Mic-in, CD-in and S/P DIF interface
Expansion Slots One 32-bit small form factor PCI slot*
One Mini-PCI slot
Boot Options HD, LAN, USB
Dimensions 7.5" x 7.5" x 3.5"
Internal Hard Disk Support 1 3.5" IDE (up to 400GB)
or 2 2.5" Laptop drives (up to 2x100GB).
Cooling Micro CPU Fan
60mm 18cfm 28dba internal Fan
Optional 60mm 37cfm 47dba fan
Optional 60mm 10cfm 16dba fan
Optional silent operation
Power 12VDC @ 6amps
International power adapter
Operating Conditions 0 to 60 degrees C (32 to 140 degrees F)
(not including hard drive)
Factory Installable Options  
Wireless Mini-PCI Wireless G Mini-PCI card with SMA connector
on back panel and 4" Omni-Antenna.
(Consumes Mini-PCI slot)
Hardware MPEG2 Mini-PCI Hardware Conexant based Mini-PCI card with S-Video,
Composite, and Audio Line in on back panel.
(Consumes Mini-PCI slot)
Hardware MPEG2 Short-PCI Hardware Conexant based Short-PCI card with S-Video,
Composite, Tuner, and Audio Line in on back panel.
(Consumes Short-PCI slot)

*PCI slot does not accept conventional PCI short bracket.
To insert a card into unit requires clipping off the bottom
of the PCI bracket and part of the top.