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Have an old style CCTV system?

  • analog not digital
  • wired (no wireless) infrastructure
  • primitive VCR storage, if any
  • live monitoring by security personnel
  • timely alerts require vigilance

Want to upgrade to:

  • digital video storage
  • remote/internet monitoring, control, and review
  • advanced video and audio processing
  • alerts via email or cell phone
  • remote control via PC, laptop or PDA
  • available wireless connections
  • a universally secure network
without scrapping your existing infrastructure?

Wish your cameras were easier to relocate?

Need coverage in areas without infrastructure -- locations hard (or prohibitively expensive) to wire up, where you have always wanted a camera?

Rbots offers a low-cost upgrade path for a legacy surveillance system, add-on hardware to transition to digital systems and methods, and technologies to multiply the value proposition for your planned security investments. Please call or email us with an outline of your requirements. We will be happy to help define and cost-out an Rbots solution.