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Weather tight, portable, pole mountable, digital security center in a box. Measures 15"x13"x9".
Rbot Brain
A ruggedized, high performance mini-PC provides the "brain" of each Rbot. Measures 7.5"x7.5"x3.5".
Video PTZ
High Quality Video PTZ Camera. 27x Optical Zoom.
4-way Vision
360° view from 4 fixed cameras.
4 or 8-way Proximity Detection
Perimeter Sensors
4 or 8-way proximity sensor provides 360° short range proximity data.
Wheel Platform
3wheel drive
3-wheel, flat surface drive and platform. Measures 20"x20".
Track Drive Platform
track drive
Rugged surface track drive platform. Measures 20"x20".
Other Hardware
• Short-Range Omni-Wireless Link
• GPS/Compass Navigation
• Microphone
• Speaker
• Public Address
• Batteries
Remote Software
VideoPTZ Control & Retrieval
Software to view live and stored video.
ROV Control & Video Retrieval
Software to remotely drive Rbots with 4 way vision.
Onboard Software
Base Package
Core onboard software
VideoScan VMD module
Scans defined areas for movement or changes, and reports findings.
Audio Alert Module audio wave
Detects unusual noises such as explosions or gun fire in loud or crowded environments, and noise or speech in otherwise quiet environments.
GPS/Compass Navigation Module
Allows for autonomous drive and location finding.
Audio Package
Allows remote listening, communication with persons near Rbots, and public address.
Software Developers Kit allows developers and integrators to develop custom applications.
Machine Vision Library
General purpose Machine Vision Library
Rbots, Inc. delivers low-cost security infrastructure solutions — with advanced machine vision, robotics and wireless options — for multiple market segments:
  • Commercial Surveillance Applications
  • Building and Warehouse Security
  • Military Field and Perimeter Security.

Each Rbottm incorporates leading-edge machine vision applications implemented at the point of surveillance. The Company's remote control software runs on networked Microsoft Windows(R) and Linux(R) systems.

Popular Configurations

Portable Digital Security Center videoptz rbox-closed
Use an Rbox with your supplied camera, or ours. This configuration provides all the advanced software, storage, and machine vision facilities in a small, weatherized, pole mountable package.

The Rbox provides options for high speed (802.11) or low speed (cellular) wireless access. Rbox's can be placed in almost any location and easily relocated.

Internal battery provides up to 4 hours of standby operation. Optional hot-swappable external battery enclosures can provide additional battery power for days of standby operation. Solar charging options also available.

Rbot Brain CCTV Upgrade videoptz rbot-brain
This configuration provides all the advanced software, storage, and machine vision facilities in a small package.

Attach the Brain to your existing camera and your physical network, or choose among several short or long-range wireless configurations.


Rbots augment existing security systems
Rbot Brain
Rbot Brains and software modules can attach to industry-standard video camera systems, allowing customers to benefit from Rbot features while continuing to use their existing infrastructure. Click here for more information.
Rbot Brain
Rbots, Inc. offers the Rbot Brain directly to consumers as a Mini-PCs, for uses such as compact/silent desktop computing, digital video recorders, multimedia entertainment hubs, home and child surveillance, and other applications.

Click here to compare a basic Rbot Brain to other mini-PCs on the market.

Rbots, Inc. adds RAID
Rbot Brain
Rbot Brains now offers internal RAID 1 mirroring, and RAID 1 and 5 support for a mix of internal and external drives, to protect against data loss.

(Specifications subject to change without notice)
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