Digital Video Surveillance System & Applications
Does not include display monitor
FDI Viewer™ Product Brochure

The FDI Viewer provides the user interface to the SmartCAM System and displays live or recorded video camera views with its easy-to-use graphical user interface.

The FDIViewer is a high performance workstation which may be used to control all SmartCAMs in the SmartCAM System network and to view live and recorded video.

The FDIViewer Graphical User Interface (GUI) may monitor and control all the SmartCAMs in the systems. Up to 16 cameras can be displayed live or in history mode at 30fps or up to 32 at a reduced frame rate.

The FDIViewer monitors and notes events such as building access and motion detection, and controls video playback from the FDIStorageCentral digital video recorder (DVR).