Digital Video Surveillance System & Applications
StorageServer FDI StorageServer™ Product Brochure

The FDI Storage Server is a high performance 1000fps/32 channel Digital Video Recorder for the FDI SmartCAM System.

FDI StorageServers are a high performance 1000fps digital video recorder which may be configured with 1 to many TeraBytes of RAID 5 disk storage.

Each StorageServer can handle up to 32 full SmartCam or SmartCoder digital video feeds running at an average of 3.6mbps. The FDI StorageServer is configured for the desired number of cameras, viewing stations, and storage capacity.

Multiple FDI StorageServers may be connected in a SmartCAM System network to support as many cameras and storage capacity as desired.

An FDI StorageServer may also act as a configuration and database server for the SmartCAM System.