Digital Video Surveillance System & Applications

Please note this document refers to the SmartCam2-Rev D.
19cm x 19cm x 19cm
SmartCam2™-Rev D Product Brochure

The FDI SmartCam2 is the world's most sophisticated security camera. It is highly programmable, network based, and has advanced optical flexibility and clarity. Thousands of SmartCam's may be distributed and controlled with anywhere, anytime access.

SmartCam digital security cameras are the next generation in image quality, features and economy for professional video surveillance and security. SmartCam is a high resolution, low light, color video camera and high precision pan-tilt mount, with DVD quality video and audio.

SmartCam connects via a high speed Ethernet network, with standard Internet protocols.

Many SmartCams can be easily added to an existing Evolution system or SmartCams may be used in an independent mode.

The embedded multi-codec MPEG encoder produces DVD quality, real time, full motion video at data rates from 64 kbits to 14 mbits.

SmartCam image quality is far higher than conventional analog and motion JPEG systems. Multi-codec MPEG2 and MPEG4 allows users maximum quality and storage efficiency.

High speed stepper motor Pan/Tilt (mechanism) provides fast camera movement, as much as 180 degrees per second, along with a 22x optical zoom capability.

SmartCam includes an optional hard disk drive for video storage inside the camera. The recorded video is fully network addressable.

An optional high quality directional microphone allows for recording sound with the video.

An optional general purpose input/output (GPIO) module may be added to control various alarm system type devices.