Our product is a mobile app available for both android and iOS in which 80% of the screen real-estate is available for ads in the normal course of the user interaction with our product.

ad sample

Large display ads may appear on the screen for 15 to 45 seconds.

If you represent google or amazon please direct us to the appropriate party within your organization.

We currently display such ads via an internal web browser within our app or via our own presentation layer that does not require full time Internet access.

When a user taps the ad we can launch the ad experience via our internal browser or via the user's default browser.

There is no context to be garnered from the displayed ad page, but demographics and location may be available as data within the page and may be passed to your URL/code as needed.

Our market is the general population, all age groups, all countries.

z9q.com is our testing site, The product and company go by another name and is a C corporation incorporated in San Francisco, California, US.